Onion: Celebrity Bull Terrier

Charting the rise to celebrity of a miniature bull terrier with a taste for the limelight. Onion has been in Ewan McGregor movie 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature', has a light modelled on her bullie curves, and is the face of the canine social event of the year: Peckham Pet-tastic! It's a starry life for a pampered pooch.

Wednesday, November 29

Dog Aid with Bob Geldog (aka Pappy)

For anyone who hasn't seen this yet (and frankly, as it's looking like being the canine Christmas number one, anyone who's missed it has definitely been dog-napping!), Pappy has got all his pooch pals together for a big slobbery singalong: Do They Know It's Christmas (Doggy Style). It includes me singin on the red carpet (my finest hour!) as well as the likes of TinTin, Buster, and loads more howlin their hearts out. Hurry and see it now. Go on, you know you want to!

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Wednesday, November 22

Have you seen the light?

Earlier this week Onion finally got to meet the Onion Light up close and personal, in the comfort of her own home...

As you can see, she looks less than impressed!

Luckily, other reactions have been rather better. For example, one little girl is no longer afraid of the dark now that she has an Onion Light to protect her at night!

The Onion Light, modelled on Onion herself, is available at www.oniondog.com

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Sunday, November 19

Wonderful wikiFido...

Those nice people at wikiFido have published an exclusive interview with Onion. This has confirmed her view that she is a dog diva! She's now refusing to get out of bed for less than a gourmet dog biscuit...

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Saturday, November 18

Canine Canvassing: Vote Scuba!

Please vote Onion's lovely bullie friend Scuba's blog for 'Dogs With Blogs' awesome dog award! . Visit his blog and you'll see why we like it! How can anyone resist him?!

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Tales of Wales Three

A warning to anyone who thinks they can lure their dog into the sea with their favourite toy... If you have a STUBBORN dog (no names mentioned) who has discovered that the sea is WET and COLD and a THIEF, you might end up having to go in after that toy yourself...

And then wrap up your 'poor wet dog' like a mummy when you get home...

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Wednesday, November 15

Tales of Wales Two

Onion usually shows a healthy contempt for the sea. Too much like a large bath for her liking. But Wales saw an act of heroism on her part...

Tales of Wales: Sea Rescue
One of Onion's true loves is her small red kong. One day, she thought she'd take it to the seaside.

It seemed safe enough to play in the shallows...

...until the sea "stole" the kong.

In the face of crisis, Onion valiantly ploughed through the (ankle-deep) waves to rescue her faithful rubber friend.

Safer to play on dry sand!

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Tuesday, November 14

Tales of Wales: part one

Hello all! Onion is back from her Welsh week!

A tale of Wales:
Day one of our holiday and we are exploring the town of Newport. Suddenly we notice a woman running after us down the street, apparently shouting at us. We stop, fearing that we have somehow caused offence. Reaching us, the unknown woman crouches down on the pavement, and immediately we understand: she has run all this way to meet Onion! It turns out that Pat owns Newport's only bull terrier, the gentle-natured mini, Taru (apologies if I have misspelled his Welsh name). Welcomed into Pat and Taru's home, Onion did her best to cause a one-dog riot by climbing into a basket of clean washing then running off with Taru's toy. A natural gentleman, though, Taru let his new ladyfriend play the prima donna, and even stood happily with her to be photographed!

The Globe: Pat (and Taru)'s B&B, ensures a very warm welcome to anyone tempted by a trip to the Pembrokeshire coast. Bull terriers welcome...

More about Onion's Welsh adventures later in the week.

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Friday, November 3

Packing the pooch

Onion's debut movie, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, is out in UK cinemas today, but just as she is starting to enjoy the glare of publicity, we've decided to whisk her away to the coast of Wales for some fresh air. Of course, being a pampered pooch, she has her own bespoke luggage/portable bed. Unfortunately, her idea of helping out with the packing is to sit in it...

If you go and see the movie while Onion's away, please leave your comments here, so she can come back and read her notices!

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