Onion: Celebrity Bull Terrier

Charting the rise to celebrity of a miniature bull terrier with a taste for the limelight. Onion has been in Ewan McGregor movie 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature', has a light modelled on her bullie curves, and is the face of the canine social event of the year: Peckham Pet-tastic! It's a starry life for a pampered pooch.

Monday, June 30

Liberty for Onion Lights!

Posh department store Liberty of London has long stocked the Onion Light, but we have only just discovered that they include it on their website, in the category 'For the trendsetters' (of course!). Their description is rather charming:
"Dog is man's best friend, or so the saying goes; this could be just the gift for the animal lover in your life. The dog light will provide loyal companionship (in a very quiet sort of way) whilst shedding light on the darkest of places. Watch it light up when you walk into the room (at a flick of a switch), warding off intruders with the homely glow it casts. And possibly the best part is, there's no feeding, walking or grooming involved! This is the perfect gift for someone who either needs a bit of company, a bit of light, or both."

Thank you Liberty, for having a bull terrier in your shop!
To purchase an Onion Light online, visit http://www.oniondog.com/shop.html

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